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Ready to quit the endless DIY loop and finally own a brand designed to get you inquiries and higher-paying bookings?

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Professional branding changes everything

Your logo is just the start

Consistent branding builds and reinforces trust between you and your clients. Having a clear and strategic brand message is crucial for business because sales are gained by trust and lost by confusion.

If your website and branding aren't strategically designed to speak to your ideal client, you're likely losing money. Branding shows your people that they are in the right place and need exactly YOU!

No matter how much effort you've put into your service behind the scenes, customers will judge its' value based on your branding. Having a professional website and brand ensures that you'll look like the expert you are and means that you can now command higher prices.

In their words

In their words:

Meet The Designers

Our combined experience as designers, illustrators and photographers led us to specialising in branding for fellow service-based entrepreneurs and that's how we created LightForm.

Weaving together strategy and beautiful design, we take you step-by-step through the exciting process of creating a brand designed to book!
Whether you're just starting out or have reached the point of outgrowing your DIY marketing efforts, you need a brand and website that serve your goals and convert viewers into clients.

We're Ivana & Sam - brand designers, photographers and hiking lovers.

Showit Template Customization

Custom Branding & Website

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The brand of your (client's) dreams

Ready to stop purchasing cheap templates that are hard to use and do nothing to help you stand out in your niche?

We'll guide you through a smooth & simple design process, resulting in your one-of-a-kind brand identity and website (where your ideal clients will feel right at home).

You bought a Showit template but you're struggling to DIY or you just know your time is better spent elsewhere. Let a professional designer customize it with your branding, copy and set up all the techy stuff for you! We'll launch your site in style and you'll also receive a personalised training video to help you manage it in future.

Ready to tick-off that design to-do list in one day? Here are some examples of what we can accomplish during a VIP Design Day: 
- Add-on website pages
- Revamp website pages
- Social media template design
- Mobile site design
- PDF design
- Pricing page design
and more...

from $2800

VIP Design Day


love a shortcut?

speed and quality?

$2800 - $9500

“I decided to get the whole branding package + the website customization, which was the best decision I could have made”


- L.H.

"Ivana, I went from $5,500 packages to $8,500 on average. Many clients spend well over $10,000. Your work was singularly responsible not only for the perception of my work by clients, but also the perception of myself and the value of my work to myself. More planners want to work with me - I'm more excited to share and I've built a ton from what we did."

I went from $5,500 packages to $8,500 on average. Many clients spend well over $10,000 now!

-rochelle Maples

She has been my full on brand designer for almost 2 years now. She elevated my brand to attract my ideal clients and give me a sense of confidence putting my art out into the world. I get so many compliments on my branding; I couldn't be more satisfied with my one-of-a-kind design for my website, cards, PDFs etc. Ivana is the best, hire her for your business, you'll be so glad you did! SHE IS THE BEST!

Ivana really takes time to evaluate your business and YOU in order to make your branding something unique and intentional for your business' future.

- BEKAH graue

I can not say enough good things about the experience I had working with Ivana as she helped me elevate my photography brand. She had been recommended to me by a couple fellow photographers and I took the plunge. She went above and beyond from day one and completely re-invented my brand. Ivana has a way of bringing things together in the most personal and unique-to-you way and I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. I could have never completed such a large project without her and I am 100% satisfied! Ivana is not only a great brand designer, she becomes a friend in the process. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, friend!

Her process was easy and she was helpful and patient every step of the way.

- JOY young

She has been an angel helping me rebrand my photography business! I reached out to her after attending a workshop last March and she has worked so hard at bringing my vision to life. She nailed everything I wanted and more! She was so patient with me while I finished my degree and supported me in every step to our finish line! I absolutely recommend Ivana for your branding needs! I can’t wait to share my new brand with my clients!

Ivana was so careful with every detail and became more of a friend than just a designer!

-TAMMY grady

Ivana, I am so grateful for the way you have elevated my business! I will be shouting to the world what a pleasure it is to work with such a beautiful and talented soul and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my business."

Your professional approach made the process so simple and easy.

Tools & Software for Small Business Owners


MagCloud - Print lab

Short Pixel - Image optimisation

We use MagCloud for all of our clients' magazine guides. (wedding experience guides, welcome packets etc.) They offer beautiful quality printed goods and your images are sure to look great on paper!

This tool has been a life (and storage) saver! We use it both as photographers and designers. We recommend it to our photographer clients who want their website to be fast and SEO friendly!

Try it out
try it out

MOYO - Quality brand mockups

One of our favourite tools as designers! These mockups allow you to showcase your latest project or launch with on-brand photo mockups and share your work with confidence.

try it out

WISE - Managing, receiving and paying in multiple currencies

Wise has been invaluable for us as small business owners who send and receive money internationally. (Not to mention the solid cashback they give!) Try them out and get a free transfer with our link

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Free Branding Resource

3 templates to help you write a powerful bio

The Brand Bio Blueprint

grab your free guide and craft a clear and compelling brand tagline in minutes!

"Ivana reviewed my website and gave me so many great tips on how to make it easier to navigate, rank on Google and overall to keep the aesthetics consistent throughout. So so grateful for her help!! Thanks Ivana!"

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