Her Wild Wellness – Spiritual Coaching

brand identity design
image curation
tagline & copy strategy
website template customization

What we did:

Having been through many challenges throughout her life, Barbara sought to learn from these experiences, improve herself, and teach others how to do the same.
Barbara’s goal is to help women move past pain and trauma and help them reconnect with their own strengths – she does this through Her Wild Wellness.

Brand Background

The goal of this branding project was to provide Barbara with a strong and distinct brand; as well as an upbeat, empowering and empathetic website to facilitate her spiritual and wellness coaching services.

logo suite

– Barbara Holbert, Spiritual & Wellness coach

"I had the most wonderful design experience with Lightform Design. I decided to get the whole branding package with the website design, which was the best decision I could have ever made. It is so gorgeous, informative, and organized. It reflects my personality and what I do. I am just so proud that this website belongs to me!

I enjoyed working with Ivana and Sam so much that I'm going to create another project just so I can work with them again. I recommend them 110%"

They listened, they heard me, they understood me, and created a Logo and Brand that actually helped me realize all that I actually do for people.
They really "got" me.

Custom Icons

We built the logo in a modular fashion, allowing us to use select parts of the logo for different purposes. While all elements work together to form a unique whole (the intuitive female figure), we can select individual parts to emphasise and use in different contexts.

The light itself was turned into a star icon to be used in a variety of situations when something more subtle, but still bespoke to the brand, is necessary.

In addition are two variations for the brand's tagline:

The Transformation:

Original website template:

Customised template after branding:

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